Thursday, August 15, 2013



SF: I’ve been doin alot of reserch about cool clothes for summer what do you think r cool clothes

JL: I don’t know. Like a t-shirt, I guess.

SF: what tshirts arent cool at all u know what is cool? 

JL: This is a rhetorical question. I’m not answering this.

SF: somberos

JL: What? That’s idiotic.

SF: nop i did reserch and i know what is the coolest

cool clothes are somberos

thes photos are from the Sartorialist

 photo 83e935a3-dcdf-4900-a67f-4981984f153e_zps94d09d80.jpg

 photo 1435f022-f6c6-4fd9-abd7-794e54d5d0a8_zps5f97b539.jpg

 photo 8f9f4ca2-3d1f-4f71-84fe-e5e2daecc1c7_zps31c7db7d.jpg

JL: That’s not real.

SF: no its real i know because i asked schuman and schuman said that every1 is wering somberos on the streets i even asked bill cuninghamm and i asked jackjillblogguy and i asked tommy aton and gurrism even thugh i didnt no what he was saying becuse he has funny assent

JL: You don’t know those people.

SF: schuman knows everybody he will tell you cuse he is so smart

hes the smartest man in menwear he is even smurter than wooster ask him

JL: Whatever.

SF: John.

SF: Jon i did a product rund upt of all the best somberos you can wear in public

JL: It’s “sombrero”.


“loook at this sombero it is soo cool 

 photo s_MLA_v_V_f_2558727606_032012_zps158ac7e1.jpg

it is fur peple with lots of $

look at this sombero is soo cool

 photo WP221_zps1ae5798b.jpg

it is fur people with some $

look at this sombero is soooooo cooooollll!!!!!

 photo gran-sombrero-mexicano-mexico-mariachi-nuevo-sin-uso_MLA-F-4458517306_062013_zpsdacef39a.jpg

is if fur ppl with very little $”

SF: see i did diffnt $ points arent you glad

TSB does ddiffnt $ points i am bes blogger along with them

SF: Was tat a good prodct rite up

JL: Sure, I’ll post it right away.

You heard it here first. Sombreros are fucking huge.

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