Saturday, June 1, 2013


There’s something horrifically efficient about Oak StreetBootmakers initial years. I believe that their shoes first went online sometime in mid-2010, though I could be wrong. I see them around and I live in a slow part of the world, which would indicate a certain level of success.

The first kicks premiered around $200-$275. They cornered their market – post-college/early middle aged duderonis with money to spend – and got them to buy into their brand. The price of a pair of boots has increased roughly by $75. The Vibram Trail Oxford was roughly $220 in 2010. It retails now for $296.

Is their product nuts good? That is not entirely clear but reviews from their early stuff are positive. However, the years in which we can see the difference between a quality shoe and a crap shoe are approaching for those guys who bought their shoes in 2010 and 2011. Consumer Reports leaves out the “Reliability” for first year models in their car issue. Makes sense right? OSB product is likely worth it but we can’t really know for sure.

These new boots are handsome. Man, Vlagos knew what he was doing when he started this. 

 photo oak-street-bootmakers-trench-line-01-630x478_zpsb8b7b2f0.jpg

 photo oak-street-bootmakers-trench-line-02-630x478_zpse0b20050.jpg

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