Friday, May 18, 2012


John: Rebellion and being a “quirky jerk” in general have an odd place in society and has not been entirely defined. This “quirky jerk” is progressive to some, so containing value, and disruptive to others, detracting value or whatever crap. Does society have an end other than constant progression? If you answered “yes”, then these “quirky jerks” can really drive you nuts. But whatever, these “quirky jerks” like splurging on stupid stuff like incense sticks or socks or shoes(?). It’s the “quirky jerk” who would splurge on something like Cazal glasses. Cazal glasses could be progressive to some. But if you’re hoping we’re moving to a place of post-materialism then perhaps not. Societal value is hard to define and grasp, as is a coherent paragraph about Cazal’s value. Even years after their introduction, I haven’t got a clue what exactly Cazal gives society - differentiation from all those people wearing fake tortoise shell Ray-Ban’s? Follow me, and we’ll wade through the fog of my narration and occasional interjections from Sam.

Cazal glasses are really cheesy. Big surprise right?

Sam: this is the dubest article ever why cant we right about warby parker they actually have cool glasses for sale and they just dropped a lookbok

John: If you want to follow the crowd then you’re more than welcome. This article is about being a “quirky jerk”, remember?

Sam: oh john your soo cool and rebellios

John: I had no idea you were capable of sarcasm.

Sam: ok heres the rundown cazal started in the 60s by this dude named cari zalloni

John: Right, and from there he designed some iconic (quick, call the cops! I’ve sold out) frames. The 951 and 955 were pretty big during the 80s.



The 8003 and 8004 are some Rick Ross style pieces. Late 90s rap throwbacks, y’know? The 607 and 616 are on some Asian furniture designer levels.




 Cazal was very popular with rappers, B Boys, and new money attorney’s in the late 80s and the very beginning of the 90s. Check out this song about stealing Cazals. Or don't, it's not particularly good.

Sam: WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HESE THEY ARE STUPIDE AND UGLY I cant believe I did research for this post

John: The Vintage Cazal glasses are on something else. I’m not sure if Cari Zalloni is a good designer or not. I mean, given the price tag I’m sure that these are great quality, but the design choices are meant to make people aware that you are wearing glasses. If you want something more reserved just hit up Cazal regular collection. There are some atrocious Dollar Store frames but some gems in the rough. “Quirky jerk” sums these frames up for me. They’re large, clunky, claim great design, and great for those who might not be looking for long-term commitment.


Sam: these are so ujgly
You realize how expensive these are for a bunch of ugly holly guacamole

John: Yes, but I think that might be the point.

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