Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer Scarves


Not too long ago, Sam and I had a conversation over IM. The following occurred.

Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:31AM:
Wat do you think of summer scafs
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:31AM:
You mean scarves?
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:31AM:
yes and can I write about ehm on gtbt?
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:32AM:
I’m not terribly confortable with that. I can’t say I’m a fan.
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:32AM:
Wat why
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:32AM:
I fail to see the purpose of a scarf. It’s already hot out.
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:32AM:
Wat don’t you think that asw is a great blog he weasrs them all th eimte?
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:33AM:
He’s an old man. He burns easily. He needs the protection. And for some reason I never see an old person sweating profusely. I can barely wear a long sleeve shirt without sweating through it when it gets over 80. Why would I wear a scarf?
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:33AM:
what I don’t understand don’t you always athat style is always subjective
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:33AM:
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:33AM:
Answer me
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:34AM:
I’ve sorta’ changed my stance on that even though I’ve never outright declared that style is subjective.
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:34AM:
I mean society shares communal rules that change as time progresses. So I think progressive objectivism is more appropriate to how I see things. That is, thinking style is subjective allows for objective rules to change. It’s kinda’ like Hegel’s intro to “Philosophy of History”.
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:34AM:
wat is this crap I don’t care about that
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:34AM:
wat about aht parka dn bond editorial didn’t you think that was good with its sumer scarf I thought is really cool
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:36AM:
I do usually like Park & Bond but I was pretty indifferent to that. Most guys I know are usually just too ‘warm’ of people to pull something like that off. I mean, we sweat and there’s little that’s gonna’ change that. Why wear a sweat rag?
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:36AM:
Whats a sweat rag is it a new menswear trend that I don’t know about
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:37AM:
No, I was talking about how the scarf would just become a sweat rag.
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:37AM:
if I do research will you let me write abou the history o summer scarfs
John Lugg 4/13/12 – 1:38AM:
Stop copying other blogs. I’m kind of tired of it.
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:38AM:
wat im not copying him im allowed to use google too
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:38AM:
i want to write about history and modern garments and I want to do themed weeks like he does I figure he has not copywrited themed weeks I can do that and I can use google too
Sam Franklin 4/13/12 – 1:40AM:
Come back to the states I don’t have have anyone to drive me to mcdonalds

Image from P&B&J