Monday, October 3, 2011

Driver IM


Awhile back, Sam Franklin and I had a bro-down over IM (who the fuck still uses IM?). We had a discussion that I believe is warranted to appear here. Perhaps you’ll glean some form of wisdom but probably not; it’s banal natter, really.

Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:31AM:
hey you seen drive yet
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:32AM:
No, don’t spoil it.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:32AM:
well whatever but have you seen the jacket he wears in it its so cool
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:33AM:
Yeah I’ve seen it. It is pretty cool and fits him well.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:33AM:
well i think im going to get a jacket like that and get a scorpoin sewn on the back wouldt that be pretty cool
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:34AM:
No that would be dumb.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:34AM:
wat you never like any of my ideas that would be soo cool and people would like me i bet that girl from accounting class would txt me back if got that jacket
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:35AM:
She would think you’re more of a dweeb than you already are.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:35AM:
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:35AM:
Okay, I’m going to go on a rant.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:35AM:
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:40AM:
People perceive what you wear. By avoiding contrivance, hopefully one can attain some sort of personal achievement of dressing like oneself. You know how in Socratic thought there are chairs and then there are images of chairs? Well, if you put on things that embody your being, hopefully you’ll be closer to that image you intend to be. The problem with wearing something like that jacket is that it embodies something other than you. So by wearing it, people will perceive you as an image of a chair. Or I suppose an image of that character. Not only would you be an image of a character which you are not but you’d be retracting from the ideal you were pursuing previously. I mean, you cannot conceptualize the character in the movie before you see the movie. So to aspire to be that character you have to change your course of direction. When a person changes their course of direction other people tend to react negatively. It’s a less than optimistic view of human nature but one can only expect the best out of people in single variable situations where reactions aren’t measured by everyone else.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:41AM:
wat that dumb
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:43AM:
Well, people already identify the scorpion jacket with “Driver”. If you wear it, people will assume that you wish your being to be the main character from “Driver”. Unfortunately, you can only become an image of that character at very best. You don’t have the same material or immaterial background as the main character and you certainly don’t want to go around acting like you do; you drive a van.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:44AM:
wat do you think of this junya blazer
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:44AM:
o shit dont click that link
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:44AM:
here click this
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:47AM:
So, while you may be perfectly happy wearing a costume all the time, your social relations will probably suffer. People are petty, assholes, and think being reasonable is the only way to live. While you could take the “fuck off” approach, I think lacking friends may be an issue.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:47AM:
then i get new friends
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:48AM:
Nope. People avoid first impression weirdos like the plague.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:48AM:
so id probably just get real depresed and eat my feelings youd probably stop being my friend even
John Lugg 9/22/11-2:49AM:
That sounds about right but I’d probably still eat lunch with you as long as you weren’t a dick.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-2:49AM:
wait what about those indy boots you like how is that not a costume people associate those boots with him
John Lugg 9/22/11-3:03 AM:
That’s a legitimate point. The only difference between the scorpion bomber jacket and the indy boots is that I believe the scorpion jacket is more of a costume than the boots. I mean Superman has his ‘S’, Daredevil has his double ds (haha?), and the main character of “Driver” has his jacket. The indy boots aren’t the first thing you think of when you think of Indiana Jones, right? I mean, I think about them but that’s because I think they’re pretty cool, but the regular layman? Does he give a fuck? Probably not.
John Lugg 9/22/11-3:05AM:
I’d like this issue to be black and white but it’s really not. Basically, if you want a rule of thumb, if it has immediate character connotations it is best left for 10/31. However, I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions. What’s with rules of thumbs anyway? That stuff is best left for menswear magazines trying to convince you that it’s ok to wear sneakers with suits.
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-3:05AM:
hey when does the shamrock shak come out
John Lugg 9/22/11-3:05AM:
Like March?
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-3:05AM:
dammit wanna go to mcdonals and get rolo mcflurrys
John Lugg 9/22/11-3:05AM:
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-3:05AM:
k ill be over in a bit
Sam Franklin 9/22/11-3:05AM:
k wish i could eat shamrock shakes and do and wear what i want and be joyful without people being sucky
John Lugg 9/22/11-3:06AM:

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  1. It's funny, I have similar conversations with a friend.

    Even the last bit...