Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Photo hoodwinked from The Armoury.

As Pitti images flood your dash, I offer a bit of advice. It’s been awhile since I’ve openly doled out what and what not to do. I try not to be too preachy, though my Mother’s conservative Methodist roots occasionally get the best of me. You’ll be full with images to satiate you for the summer, appeasing your mouse-clicking appetite and hopefully inspire you to attempt to channel a little of the same flair that those specific men have (I’m not particularly fond of Italian dress, but I understand that everyone else is. I figure I should make an attempt to stay on topic). However, I think that there are certain ways that you should look at these images; as rapidly glancing, taking quick notes, and then moving on may have worked on field trips, but it doesn’t work as well now. As sites offer up their images for you to peruse, I suggest that you pick the few that you really like. Sure, why not reblog it? Then, save those images to your computer so you don’t lose them. Maybe you put one as your background when no one is around. You set one in a box to the side as you work on homework, or do other things on the Internet (centipede?). Allow those images to age with you, as long as you think they remain valuable to your observation. Try to pick out new things that you never noticed before. Try to be able to put into words what you like and don’t like about the photo. Whether it’s the colors, texture, pattern clashing, quality of the leather goods, or whatever else you think makes you enjoy the photo. Now that you’ve discovered what you like and don’t like about the photo, determine if you aspire to dress in said manner. If yes, then determine what you think would and wouldn’t work for you. How would one go about adding the flairs in the photo to your personal style? If you can’t answer this, there are the “experts”.

This ended up being an unorganized mess. The main point that you should take away from this is that by spending more than 30 seconds with each photo, you will be able to better execute your own personal style. You won’t be off chasing clouds thinking that by purchasing, you will be able to be “steezy”. By spending time with the photos you will have a greater understanding of your own style and how to make your style progressive. Learning the tricks of any trade takes time. You’ll be able to incorporate them into the way you dress without spending a cent. Granted you have the basics, of course. I enjoy stagnation as much as the next trad but time leaves all things behind.

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