Monday, February 21, 2011


The linked article is an opinion from The Quietus about the DIY bedroom music scene questioning the current credibility of lo-fi music. Long article made short: lo-fi out of necessity is good. Lo-fi out of wanting something to 'feel authentic' is bad and a 'lie'.

This can be compared to pre-distressing.


I'm not arguing for either. Just take note of what pre-distressing says to others when you wear it.


  1. True story. My realization that pre-distressed clothing is really fucking stupid was an epiphany moment.

  2. What about clothing that distresses incredibly quickly after purchase? Then everyone can feel good about themselves while still knowing in just a short time they can look cool like everyone else. I think there's potential for a market there.

    On the lo-fi tip, I still collect vinyl because there's music out there that is amazing that will never ever be in mp3 format. A large part of my collection also comes from my father and my now deceased uncle who had super rare editions of vinyl that are just cool to have around and listen to every now and then. But yeah, acting like listening to vinyl is the only way to go is stupid, it's not like they don't all have iphones full of Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon anyway.

  3. The article was discussing recording in lo-fi. Which usually results for a shitty sound. So, for example, a well known band records on an 8 track, then that would be 'in-authentic' because they can afford to record with real equipment. Contrast this to a middle school garage band, and bam, there's your difference.

    Also, sometimes pre-distressed is the only available option. Thrift stores now have a whole lot of early 2000s AF and AE, which is generally crap. Sadly, that's all some people can afford.

  4. I've recently had my own personal war over this. I was really wrestling over a pair of(really popular brand that shall remain nameless that everyone really loves and loves to blog about) exceptional fitting pair of pre-distressed khaki's. I mean it was serious. I even went back to the store twice to try them on not to mention they were on super-sale. After a few agonizing minutes I started thinking about all the great fitting(not exceptional) khaki's that I own and have been wearing for years and walked away confidently. I had much better things to spend my money on(striped socks). They really make it easy for someone to compromise there stylistic integrity. I don't understand why this trend is still so prominent in menswear even amongst top notch designers. If those khaki's had not had the pre-distressing they would quite possibly have been the best pair of khaki's I would have ever owned and would have already blogged about them in triumph!