Thursday, December 9, 2010

MS & Co.

Did you buy a MS & Co. selvedge iPad sleeve and not own an iPad 'cause you're too broke? The good news is that you can still use your sleeve and get totally rad authentic fades. I hear there's mad respect on the blogosphere for authentic paper clip fades. Besides paperclips, I'm presenting a guide to some stuff that you can fill your sleeve with and put it to good use.


I think the most obvious thing to put in your sleeve are coins. Though the sleeve doesn't have a zipper, they probably won't fall out. And if they do, just hope that there's an attractive girl around to help you pick them up. And remember, the horse ride machine outside the grocery store is still only 50 cents. Start saving.


Those 3D glasses you got from Jackass 3D? Yea, they've been sitting in my car too. I'd throw them in the sleeve so you're not tempted to use them when driving. It makes the median look like it's in three different places.


Cookies are probably the best thing to keep in your sleeve. When you're in a meeting or in class, it's fun to eat a cookie and try to see if no one will notice. Act like you're chewing cud and people will be too grossed out to accuse you of anything. Also, the crumbs come in handy when you need a snack a few weeks later.


Most textbooks won't fit into a MS & Co. sleeve. At least you will have authentic rips.


A portfolio should fit.


And that sums it up. If you have any ideas for things to put into your iPad-less sleeve, just leave a comment, I'll be sure to add them to the list.

Parting Thoughts: A gift guide is not in order. If you haven't started Christmas shopping yet, you're in trouble.


  1. A nintendo DS and a small novel
    A comb
    1 Beer

  2. Brass knuckles
    Petshop Boys cds
    Spare bandanna

    George C