Friday, October 8, 2010

Natural Selection

Natural Selection is a brand out of the UK that's selling consumers the workwear aesthetic. They've got the typicals: selvedge, workwear shirts, selvedge chinos with lots of buttons for suspenders and side cinches, three button jackets, and some graphic tees for the kids. Availability in the states? None that I found, but I'd like to take a look at it anyway... so I can complain about it.

The most important thing about selling a workwear brand, is to make sure your model is a stoic dude. I mean, they're representing the proletariat. They're still waiting to rise up and abolish capital. Power to the people, yo.

Pretty standard. He's a little more happy in this one. But that's because he's working with wood, and wood makes everyone happy. Look at the size of the v-patch! That dude must sweat lakes!

"That hole in the wall? Yeah, it used to be the crematorium. The dust makes great fertilizer. You should pick up gardening, it would further push your workwear aesthetic."

"See these chinos? They're selvedge. That means they're... that mean they're... well, they have tape... and... and I'm standing by a chair."

I really can't lie, the stuff doesn't look terrible on the rack. The three button jacket actually looks quite scrumtuous. The washed selvedge is a no can do for me, but I'm sure some people like their denim washed out. It's not a huge collection, but it seems fairly repetitive. There's some nice stuff here, but unless the price point undercuts the competition, there's no real reason to take a look.


  1. The clock-in animation spalsh page. . .

  2. Hahahaha, perfect. The workwear model is always so damn stoic, also they apparently need beards and shirts buttoned all the way up without ties to make sure you know they don't have a white collar profession.

  3. the selvedge chino details are so on point. i had to inquire about a price. :O