Monday, May 3, 2010

Bad Taste: Uncrate?

Uncrate likes to throw outfits together. Most are decent, with good composition. However, this particular one, put together in anticipation of the Derby, struck a bit flat in my book; for a couple reasons. Lets take it bit by bit. The best items in the group are the sunglasses and the trousers. Both aren't overly flashy and look great on sunny days. I'm not too big on bags, so I guess it suffices. The hat has a pattern to it, which draws attention to it, making it less than favorable in my book. The blazer isn't bad, and it goes well with the trousers. From a distance, it would probably look seersucker, but upon inspection, would prove itself otherwise. You'd think the shirt would be great, except for the pink buttons. It's just odd enough to draw attention to the shirt. The shoes speak for themselves; good in an understated outfit, but clown-y in an outfit that already has loud pieces. Why you'd wear a black bow-tie on a sunny day is beyond me. And most cannot pull it off during the day in the first place. Here's what I'd do to change the outfit. First, brown shoes, second, keep the hat solid, third get a different bow-tie. And then I'd leave the shirt alone as the oddity of the buttons will make the outfit standout. Do those things, and I'd feel pretty comfortable in those clothes. And I certainly wouldn't feel like a clown.

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  1. You leave out the one major incongruity...if this was a purported Derby outfit...why did they show what appears to be a vodka & tonic or some such drink...when we all know the Mint Julep in a silver cup is the proper beverage to display. The shoes are bad by any measure.