Monday, March 29, 2010

Super Dudi-Cutt

Authentics get a fair amount of air time, probably because they're dirt cheap summer sneaks. The white and navy colorways look clean with shorts, jeans, chinos, cords, and clown suits. Simple and 'understated', they don't intrude on outfits, allowing your madras or flannel pop without interruption from your purple, black, pink, yellow, and green dunks. While Authentics get a lot of attention, the colorway black on black doesn't. This is for good reason, I mean, you wouldn't wear them with shorts or light colored pants, would you? But with a pair of dark jeans and an empty sock drawer, they can look clean with a bit of punk attitude. Kid Cudi rocks them hard in this pic from his blog. Black on black can look good, just think before throwing them on with those swim trunks.


1 comment:

  1. The Man on the Moon looks like he's ready to moonwalk with the white socks.