Monday, March 15, 2010

Review: Timberland shirts?

Stumbling through a Macy's, I had been sent on a mission by my doting grandmother (yes, my grandmother still occasionally tries to dress me, not that I complain) to obtain some shirts. I had scoured the Polo Ralph Lauren section, picking up a polo and a dress shirt, but was unable to obtain a third shirt which my grandmother insisted that I get. Macy's was seriously understocked on RL smalls, as most males under six foot swim in a classic fit medium. By accident, I ended up in the Timberland section. Most people think of gansta' rap and hustlin' (or pretending to hustle) when they think of Timberland. I mean, their boots are iconic. I, however, came up with this chambray.


It's light, and perfect for spring, summer, and fall. A small fits my frame almost perfectly. The shirt is unobtrusive and layers like chocolate cake (this is an example of literary tastelessness, I apologize). For $40, it's sure as hell a lot cheaper than most chambrays out there. Now, I'm more of a trad guy myself, as khakis and oxfords float my boat, but this is a shirt that I'm glad I picked up. With one washing, the fit hasn't distorted; it's the real deal.


  1. That is a nice, clean looking chambray. Most Timberland clothing hasn't been raptastic for a while, but the company doesn't really publicize that much.

  2. Great find. Maybe I'll head to the mall and check it out.

  3. Not a bad looking shirt at all. Timberland quality is usually pretty on point also.