Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pangs of Love: Matt Singer Collection

I've been less than impressed with the stuff (otherwise known as trad/workwear) coming out lately. Blah, blah, same old, same old, and 'that isn't calling my name'. Seriously, how many blue parkas does a man need (half a dozen, if the companies had their way)? And how many Redwing boots (I don't actually own a pair, that's not a sin, is it?)? Because everything's been watered down recently, I haven't felt a need to post anything - at all. But after seeing Matt Singer's belts, I gushed. They immediately made me wish for the beach, like a good song or linen shirt. Like most of the stuff I throw up here, I think the images speak for themselves.




Parting thoughts: A monkey on a scale? Now that's memorable branding.

1 comment:

  1. glad to see im not the only one w/that view on the stale new shiz coming out recently. never been a red wings fan anyway haha. these belts are kinda dope, im looking to load up on some grosgrain belts this spring tho