Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad Taste?: Polka Dots


I mean, c'mon, polka dots are something best left for kid's clothes right? They give off a vague (or strong, I guess it depends on how far you look into what the person is wearing) impression that the wearer is silly and prone to immaturity. I thinks it's fair to say that polka dots are immensely difficult to pull off. I attempted the maintain the mental image of myself wearing the shirts shown above, and after contemplating it, I decided PeeWee's Playhouse is not the look I'm going for. I must admit that the shirts themselves are attractive, as Engineered Garments really completed the shirt by adding the club collar. Polka dots on a straight collar is likened to putting stripes on a club collar, it's just a little off. I think it's fair to rule polka dots out unless you're a skinny or silly boy.


  1. one might be able to rock these shirts if done right. i'd be inclined to give either one a try, only as a layer though. definitely hit or miss w/this though.

  2. Too questionable for your boy.

  3. I just had to give you a link showing that polka dots are manageable to pull off:

    Also, where can one purchase/try to find the polka dot shirts in the picture above?