Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rooting through an old Cannondale catalog, looking for the bike that my father gave me, I stumbled across some cool gear. The Cannondale sneakers are pretty cool and I'd be amazed if I came across them at some point in time at a market or thrift store. They've got a 'we're ripping off New Balance' vibe to them that makes them so much more lovable. The rain suit is stuntin'. Who wouldn't want to go out on a rainy day in that? It actually looks like it might be useful for windy and rainy days, though you would end up looking like Big Bird. I'll be browsing through other old Cannondale catalogs later this week, so that's probably what I'll be posting the next couple of days.

Parting thoughts: I like the term 'banal natter'.


  1. Not if sure this is low enough for you, but they are the cheapest I could find...

  2. this post also made me realize how much I want one of these...especially in yellow

  3. Damn, that's cheap. Thanks for the link.