Thursday, October 29, 2009



With the blogosphere mostly just posting about certain pieces that can be worn with hundreds of different clothes (in case you haven't noticed, disposable style is not our mantra), I think there is one aspect of how we wear our clothes that I get the feeling gets occasionally overlooked. Color is generally something that we stay very basic with as the pictured man above demonstrates. He goes with a nice red and blue colorway, mainly playing with one palette. No reason to overthink it, that would be silly and slightly unmasculine, however, wearing greys and blacks can get (pun intended?) drab. Everyday, I try to throw something on that pops. For instance, the man above (in case you couldn't tell, I got that from the sartorialist; now that's a man who pays attention to color) would look dull without his red cardigan. By all means, a man should be understated, lest he look the fool, but color makes dressing everyday less boring. I'm under the personal opinion that a man should have several colors to choose from in his wardrobe. By having many different colors, he in turn opens up many more ways to wear his clothes. For example, I own a blue khaki shirt that just looks boring with jeans, but pops when worn with light khakis or with a red undershirt. I don't need twenty different khakis or red t-shirts, just one or two khakis and one red shirt. By having these color options I just opened up three more ways to wear my shirt. I'm under the opinion that we should limit our clothing but never limit our colors. My parting thoughts to you: diversify your palette, it makes dressing in the morning, believe it or not, easier.

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