Thursday, September 26, 2013


It’s very hard being an #influencer. 

Lots of brands looking for promotion. Lots of livelihoods on the line.

#influencers determine how much brands bring in because of the campaigns we are involved in.

As #menswear bloggers have become more and more lifestyle #influencers, more and more lifestyle products are looking for #influencers to promote their products.

For example, alcohol brands know that to make any sort of money, they have to start ground roots campaigns to sell their products to the hip and #influential.

Beck’s had a marginally large campaign recently as they reached out to #menswear bloggers and gotten their endorsement. They reached out to GTBT but, since my #influence is so large, I didn’t want to rock the boat. Also, GTBT is unique. #influencers don’t follow other #influencers. #influencers don’t just reblog other #influencers.

Instead, I decided to use my #influencer weight to endorse a product that gets little screen time. Like, TIME archive photos only it’s a product that you can buy.

While they never reached out to GTBT, Banker’s Club is a brand whose message and vision is the same as GTBT. Banker’s Club is GTBT in alcohol form. 

Sam and I decided to share our favorite cocktail to make with Banker’s Club Vodka (our favorite):

12 fl oz Banker’s Club Vodka
2 Ice Cubes

It’s called Vodka and Ice.

Drink up!

Being huge #influencers, we also made a promotional video to start the #influencers campaign with Banker’s Club. 

Check out the campaign video. #influential.

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