Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Do you remember this article?

It’s Stepford Wives for men. 

And the author applauds. Or at least appears to. She might be in on a joke that we can only suspect. 

She applauds an amassment of taste, which tends to value things other than personal choice and “value” and other bullshit that I talk too much about.

Anyway, I would like to pull a quote from the article:

“This compels me to bring up the importance of proper cuffing, which, according to Kirby, is done as a one-inch two-fold. Caillouette’s wife chimes in, concerned about a friend who needs a cuffing intervention. “He thinks he’s cuffing his jeans. But he’s not cuffing them--he’s rolling them up!” she exclaims. “You’ve got to tell him,” she implores her husband. Sure, it may seem like no big deal. But in this perfectly casual fashion movement, what may seem like an insignificant detail to some might just be what separates the boys from the men.”

I think the author is laughing at this moment, but I cannot tell.

Either way, Unionmade is ruggedly precious.

And I warned you, previously, that I may just write about the Unionmade new arrivals.

Well, sorry, but I’m going to show you the new arrivals so you too can be ruggedly precious. 

Just remember to cuff your jeans right or somebody who drinks 3-too-many-iced-coffees everyday may just intervene. 

 photo EDO_Stripe_Jersey_Collage_Neck_Tee_in_Indigo_0_zpsd3a1914e.jpg

That’s $371 for a street urchin’s shirt.

 photo Jersey_Sashiko_Pocket_Tee_in_Indigo_0_zpsd414aa1d.jpg

Somebody call Jack Dawkins, I’ve got a great scam.

 photo Boston_in_Jasper_Suede_1_zps8d14fb85.jpg

This model of clogs were not this price 12 months ago. This is not a joke. This is a fact. You can wear them with your $70 socks. That’s not a joke either. They’re there.

Laid-back surfer vibes respond to market demands, as it were.

 photo Sayulita_Blanket_Button_Down_in_Light_Stripe__1_zps60543ec2.jpg

Unionmade bought these at the Jack Horkheimer estate sale. He had hundreds of them stored away, just waiting for humanity to take them to new frontiers. Like a fucking coffee shop.

 photo Slash_Sweatshirt_in_Dark_Grey_Heather_0_zps59bd77ad.jpg

This is a sweatshirt. I always get bacon grease on my sweatshirts. I really put the "work" in workwear.

 photo Swivel_Work_Stool_in_Reedgreen_0_zps9c6762f1.jpg

We had these stools in middle school science class. Half of the stools were broken.  They weren't made by the same company but, hey, potato, tomato, some other stuff that doesn't really make sense and might be a vegetable. 

 photo Fold_Weekender_in_Army_Canvas_0_zps5fd26942.jpg


 photo Rain_Cape_in_Sage_Green_0_zpsd96458f6.jpg

 Ok, rain ponchos are cool. I give up just tearing down everything I see. This is the sort of thing that would seem useless until it’s terrible outside and you don’t care that you look ridiculous. That, in my self-venerated opinion, is cool.

 photo Wheel_Printed_Cover_Notebook_A7_in_Cream_0_zpse50c5681.jpg

You’ve got a lot of ideas. I get it, you’re creative. You’ve got a twitter that you’re active on. Every friendship you have is a collaboration. I collaborated with my dog when we killed a raccoon the other day. Nobody bought it.

 photo under_eye_cream_0_zps2e355f6b.jpg

Baxter (also happens to be the name of Ron Burgundy's dog)

Unionmade shop is about being rugged. Yeah, yeah I typed that.

Cuff your pants just so or you might freeze to death, or something whatever.

But probably you’ll just be judged by your friends wives. 

Which I suppose is the social equivalent.


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