Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TSB Fan-Fiction by Sam Franklin

In celebration of advances made on the TSB website and TSB in general, Sam Franklin wrote a fan-fiction that he wants to share with you. Here it is:

dan handed you a can with the top cut off with a rustic knife styled 3 different ways

here you go its just gasoline you should start huffing because its weedwacker gas and itll get you god and bussed he said

he takes you up the elevator too the new office this is where well do all the new shoots about socks and pants and wathces and scafres you meet alex and he takes you picture a bunch of times cause you style your hat cool what cool guys they are cool

you sit floors above the style plebians walking the streets and huff gasolin and dan gives you a odouls which you pop and chug and maybe but chug and you drink 25 and feel bussed you eat new york hot dogs and discuss casual pieces in work evnirvoments and dressed up pieces un cusual envirnmentals

he likes your insites and tells you you should du a feature becuase he likes cool and smart ppl you say sure

dan tells you as he sits at the head of a big table and everyone listens even the ants 20 storys down because dan give style advice

“i am doing big things i am the best bragger and nobody bumps their ego like i bump my ego i love me no one loves themselves as much as i do”

and then ryan plett walked in


  1. Great stuff – I had wondered what happened to Jeff K. since he left Something Awful.

  2. nothing more awkward than laughing about Men's wear. Well done.